Forensic Engineering

Buildings, vehicles, equipment and other structures are sometimes damaged by storms, overloading, poor maintenance, misuse or long term exposure to degrading elements of nature.  Often it is imperative to determine the failure mechanism for a structure was when it failed, or the effect of the damage on the future service life of the structure.
Since the inception of our firm, we have provided owners, insurance representatives, attorneys and contractors with Forensic Structural Engineering services.  These services include:

  • Investigation
  • Documentation
  • Consulting
  • Report preparation
  • Legal proceedings / expert witness services

Our clients appreciate our experience and our excellent service (timely response, expedited report preparation) on these projects and we perform hundreds of forensic studies per year.  These projects are wide ranging, including:

  • Wind and Hail damage review
  • Structural Collapse Reviews
  • Construction Defects
  • Building Envelope related problems
  • Vibration Damage review
  • Review of Fire Damaged Structures
  • Review of Building Components damaged by snow, frost or moisture variations

We serve on appraisal boards for the resolution of insurance disputes between carriers and insured.  We also commonly serve as Umpire and as Appraisers representing both insurance carriers and insured’s in the determination of appraisal awards.